Comhlacht Pobal Bheildeirg Teo

The main objective of this company is to combine certain community committees' activities and to establish, promote and operate a community development programme, which will act as a focus and catalyst for community development for the community at Belderrig in the Gaeltacht area, with a view to promoting their economic, educational and cultural welfare and to empower specific disadvantaged groups to effectively participate in a programme of personal and social development.

There are a number of projects, which are operated by the Community Company,

The Belderrig Group Water Scheme
Belderrig Group Water Scheme

Studies have taken place over a number of years into the most appropriate water treatment methods based on our special water condition, discussions with scientists and experts, discussions with suppliers, engineering a reliable and modern water treatment plant, lodging grant application, discussion with Departments on treatment plant and finance, obtaining approval for such advanced water treatment plant.

Harbour Development Project

Continued studies and negotiations regarding upgraded harbour facilities to facilitate fishing community as well as tourist boating and sea angling facilities. A feasibility Study Grant was obtained.

Community Site Development

Study the site development of a site belonging to the community of Belderrig in view of its commercial viability.

Rock Swimming Pool

Belderrig's natural 33 metre swimming pool, so often used down the years by locals and visitors alike, has been developed with impressive access footpath and railings by Mayo County Council and the local Leader programme.

Eco-Label Project

Belderrig applied for membership under the Eco Label Project involving the Community in co-operation with County Council to manage the environment and to increase the community's environmental awareness. This was achieved in October 1997.


Application was made to the EU Town Twinning Programme.This programme is particularly designed for our students to go on educational travel under exchange programmes.

Our studies have revealed that the majority of our community members have no posssibility or option to travel to other countries and this programme would have great educational benefits to our students.

The second official twinning ceremony between Belderrig and Les Ventes France took place on Saturday 8th July, 2000, in the new Community and Research Centre.

There was a huge delegation from France, 43 people travelled from France for this ceremony, and were all accommodated by local families. There was a four-day program of events organised

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