Watersports in Belmullet in Co. Mayo

Erris is fortunate to have a modern Adventure Centre where Watersports are taught in a safe and secluded environment.

'UISCE' is the only centre of its kind in Ireland, mixing adventure sports with Gaelige in a new, exciting and original way of learning both Watersports and Irish.

The teaching media of windsurfing, surfing, canoeing, sailing, pony trekking, swimming and orienteering takes Irish out of the classroom, and gives children a new perspective of the language. In this way Irish itself is being developed by being associated with modern, exciting adventure sports.


The sheltered Elly Bay is perfect for learning Canoeing. Once the basics are mastered, the class then ventures further along the coast to discover new beaches and coves. For the more experienced canoer, the waves of the Atlantic provide ample opportunity to test your skills.


The sailing classes are taught in the safe, sheltered bay near the college. This is an ideal place to be introduced to the sport and an even better place once you improve. On successful completion of the course, students receive an ISA Level One Certificate. If students are already at this standard they can progress onward to levels 2 or 3.

Windsurfing Classes

The Windsurfing classes are also taught in the sheltered and safe bay, which is close by to the college. This is an ideal environment to be introduced to the sport, and particularily suitable for more advanced students. Further studying is also available.

For further information, contact:


Elly Bay



Co Mayo

Tel: (097) 82111

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