Restoration of Moorehall, Carnacon in Co. Mayo

Fortis cadere cedere non potest - 'He who proceeds with courage will never fail’

Our objective is to see Moorehall fully restored as a self-sustaining, self-financing entity.

It should be a multi-interest site with specific areas designated to particular members of the family and events of National and International interest.

Each of the following should be accommodated in this regard:

John Moore

1st President of Connacht - 1798 Rebellion - Year of the French - Relaxation of the Penal Laws - Irish Diaspora returning - Birth of Republicanism.

1800 - 1840's

Development as the house as a fully functional and self-sufficient rural unit - farm - stables - gardens - mill - brewery - cooperage - laundry.

1840's - 1870's

George Henry Moore - Famine - Irish Party Westminster - Racehorses - Local Racecourse - The Land League.

George Augustus Moore

Novelist - Paris - Impressionist Artists - Abbey - Yeats - Gregory - Synge and other noted contemporaries - Gaelic League.

Senator Col. Maurice Moore

Connacht Rangers - Boer War - Irish Volunteers - First Seanad - Establishment of the new Irish State - Ambassadorial duties - Literature.

History & Archaeology of Lough Carra

Unique limestone carst area - Crannógs and Pre-historic Causeway - Doon Archaeological Peninsula (1500 BC) - Norman influences ( Castlecarra, Burriscarra Abbey, Castlebourke) - Ballintubber Abbey - Church Island - Castle Island ( Burial place of George Augustus Moore) - Kiltoom Graveyard.

Local Environmental Heritage

Botanical importance ( large numbers of wild orchids ) - entomology - wildlife sanctuary - Internationally renowned brown trout fishery.

These areas would all have stand-alone displays, audio visual presentations, computerised data retrieval and interaction points ( Touch screen facilities ) and general tour guides.


Help with collection of memorabilia relating to the Moore family and Moorehall would be greatly appreciated.

Recently the Moorehall rent books for the years 1870 - 1880 have been returned to Carnacon for safekeeping and display in memorabilia exhibitions.

Memorabilia like this are now in the safe keeping of the Moorehall restoration Trust.

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