Carracastle Placenames in Co. Mayo

Townland Area in Acres Name in Irish Meaning
Ballintadder 123 Baile an Teadar Townland between
Botuney - Bothant Sionnaigh Foxes Den
Bulkaun 173 Bulcan Central Land
Barroe 774 Barr Rua Red Top Soil
Brackloon South 207 Breac-chluanach Speckled meadow
Brackloon North 187 Breac-chluanach Speckled meadow
Cashelduff - Caiseal Dubh Black stone fort
Calvagh Upper 162 Coill-Bheithe Birch wood
Calvagh Lower 221 Coill-Bheithe Birch wood
Cloonaweema 225 Cluain a Mhaoidheama Meadow of the eruption or Spring
Clooncouse 153 Cluain Cuas Meadow of the caves
Cloonfane 265 Cluain na Feinne Meadow of the Fianna or wild meadow
Cloonlarin 534 Cluain Lairthean Meadow of the site (of a house)
Cloonmeen West 263 Cluain Mhin Smooth meadow
Cloonmore 161 Cluain Mor Great meadow
Corragoola 244 Cor a Ghualaigh Round hill of the charcoal Burner
Coppecurrach 545 Capall-Churrach Marsh of the horses
Craggagh 86 Creagach Rocky ground
Cranmore 150 Crann Mor Big tree
Currin 456 Cor an Fhia Round hill of the deer
Derrydorneen 226 Doire Dhoirnin Durnin's little oak wood
Derrynanaff 112 Doire na nDamh Oak-wood of the oxen
Derrykinlough 560 Doire cinn locha Oakwood at head of the (incl 83 water) lake
Fauleens 543 Failini Little hedges
Glosh 390 Glais Trasna Cross-stream
Gortanure (Palmfield) 564 Gortanure Gort an Iuir Field of the yew
Gowel 322 Gowel Gabhal a fork
Gowlane 957 Gowlane Gabhlan A small fork
Carrowntubber 235 Ceathru an Tobair Quarter (or area) or the well
Laveybeg 303 Leamhaigh Bheag Small elm wood
Lavymore 603 Leamhaigh Mor Large elm wood
Lecarrow 434 Leath-Cheathru Half of quarter (of land)
Lismulgee 228 Lios Ui Mhaolgaoithe Wynne's fort
Park 102 Pairc a field
Rooskey 1686 Ruscaigh Moory land
Speck 128 Baile na Speice Place of the spike (rock)
Srah 873 Srath River valley
Tonnagh 499 Tonnach A rampart (mound)
Tonroe 241 Toin Rua Red bottom soil
Cloonlumney - Cluain Lomnaigh Meadow of the bare place
Pullboy 170 Poll Bui Yellow valley (hole)
Caslecolane 207 Caiseal Collain Stone fort of the hazels or (Keolan's stone fort)
Carracastle - Ceathru an Chaisil The quarter (area) of the Stone fort
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