Famous People of Castlebar in Co. Mayo

Down through the years Castlebar has produced many famous people who have excelled in their individual fields.

Louis Brennan was an inventor who was born in Castlebar and was responsible for creating the Dirigible Torpedo. Brennan’s family resided at Main Street in Castlebar before they move to Melbourne, Australia in 1861, where Louis excelled in creative studies. Ernie O’Malley was a high ranking member of the Irish Volunteers during the 1916 Easter Rising was born in Castlebar in 1897. O’Malley was a close confidant of Michael Collins at the time of Ireland’s War of Independence in the early 1920’s. The Castlebar native was also an avid writer.

Muriel Gahon was one of the founding members of the Irish Countrywomen’s Association and was pivotal in establising Country Markets in Rural Ireland during the 20th century. After moving to Castlebar as a child, Muriel took a keen interest in Arts and Crafts and throughout her career, she was instrumental in promoting Ireland’s Crafts. She was also one of the founding members of the Arts Council.

Other women from Castlebar who gained national and international recognition were Olivia Knight who was an acclaimed Writer and Poet, while Margaret Burke Sheridan achieved European success as a Soprano having performed in the Opera Houses of Milan, Naples and Rome.

The articles below offer an in-depth analysis of the people from Castlebar who became famous in Ireland and in their adopted countries.

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