Sculpture Trail in Castlebar in Co. Mayo

As you walk around Castlebar you will notice a series of sculptures which comprise the 'Sculpture Trail' of Castlebar.

On Westport Roundabout

A bronze sculpture which looks like an orange peel but in fact on closer inspection one can see that it is in fact a piece of woven cloth representing steam. The piece itself was created by Michael Burke and is called "Linen Steam" and represents the Linen industry, so important to the history of the town. This piece was commissioned by Mayo County Council.

On Station Road Roundabout

Michael Bulfin has created a piece that represents heat rising in the horizon and distoring/shimmering. Commissioned by Mayo County Council and made of stainless steel, this sculpture is called "Shimmer II".

The Fire Station

Curving attractively as it reaches upwards, this sculpture was created by Evin Nolan this piece is made of steel and was commissioned by Mayo County Council.

Castlebar Library

Located in Castlebar Library are three pieces. "Chisel Jazz" is a piece commissioned by the Celebration Of The Senses festival committee in 1996. Created as a cross cultural project it is carved from Bog Pine by Michael Anders, Germany; Ronnie Graham, Galway: and George Osborne, Belfast. Another piece "Mobile Glass Art" is by Maud Cotter. The piece was commissioned by Mayo County Council. The third piece is the Michael O'Malley Bronze piece by Marion O'Donnell.

County Coucil Building

Plays host to numerous paintings and tapestries which are housed here.

Garda Station

These two lions are in commemoration of two carved lions which originally topped the pillars. Believed to be originally from an estate in the Balla/Ballindine area. Affectionately named Freddy and Andy.

Thomas Street

Stone representation of the theme of peace. Commissioned by Castlebar Urban District Council during Ireland's presidency of the EU in 1990. The stones represent each of the member states, the dove represents peace.

Article by Brian Hoban

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