Kilgannon's Almanac 1907, Charlestown in Co. Mayo

Charlestown Clergy

Rev Michael Keaveny, PP, Rev Bradley, CC,


NS Male : Mr O'Doherty. NS Female: Mrs O'Doherty.


PJ O'Doherty.


Acting Sergeant: Flanagan, Constables: Mulaey, Conway, Duffy, Taimon, Joyce and Faughan.

Merchants and Tradesmen

Brennan, M J, Grocer; Campbell, H, Grocer; Doherty, JP, General Merchant; Doherty, JP, Grocer; Fitzgerald, Jas, Merchant; Gavahan, Denis, Select Grocer and General Provision Merchant; Harvison, JJ General Merchant; Hayden, Luke, Grocer; Howley, JJ General Merchant; Henry, MC General Merchant and Hotelier, Kennedy, M I General Merchant; Morrisroe, John, Baker and Grocer; Moffitt, B Auctioneer; Moffitt, Michael, General Merchant; Murray J Grocer; McDonald, M, General Merchant; O'Donnell L J Grocer; Reid, I, Grocer.

© Cathal Henry

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