Charlestown Dispensary District, Minute Book 1852 - 1894 (2)

In April 1859, the committee resolved that in consequence of non-attendance at the meetings of Rev Higgins and Devine, and Peter Costello, that three other persons be appointed in their stead and that the members be requested to attend the next ordinary meeting, with a view to dividing the District into vaccination districts.

At the next meeting the Commissioners sanctioned vaccination districts as per the following: Doocastle electoral division, Carracastle for Cloonmore ED, and at the Dispensary in Charlestown for Kilbeagh and Sonnaugh.

The Inspector

Once again the minutes resolved themselves into records, that the medical relief register had been examined. This went down on the 28th of January 1865, when the following entry appears in the Book: I take leave to call the attention of the Committee to the necessity of entering into the minute book the names of such of the members of the committee as may be present and also that the presiding Chairman shall sign his initials in the column of the medical relief register assigned. For that purpose, Charles Croker-King, medical inspector, Bellaghy.

At the meeting of the committee on the 3rd of April 1866, the members present were: Dominick D'Arcy, Chairman, Rev J Devine, Rev James Higgins, Rev Paul Henry, Messrs H D Cassidy, Thomas Mulligan and P J Mulligan.

Doctor's salary increased

On the 23rd of July 1867, at an extraordinary meeting of the committee, convened by circular, the Rev James Higgins in the Chair, it was resolved: that the salary of the Medical officer Dr Phillips be increased from £75 to £100 per annum, in conformity with the increase given to other medical officers in this Union.

Mr Charles Strickland had been elected Chairman each year up to 1868, though he did not appear to attend. He was succeeded in this year by Joseph M McDonnell, Doocastle, with Dominick D'Arcy as Vice-Chairman, but the Chairman of the meetings thereafter was either James Howley or D D'Arcy.

Mr McDonnell died in 1872 and in June of that year Mr D'Arcy was appointed as Chairman. Mr Luke Colleran was presiding Chairman at the meeting in September 1874, when the rent of Lowpark Dispensary was raised from £10 to £13, in conformity with the increase given for other Dispensaries in the Union.

First leave in twenty-three years

At the meeting of the 13th of August 1875, it was resolved that: Dr Phillips, Medical officer, Lowpark District, having applied for fourteen days leave of absence and it being the first time he has ever asked leave of absence during the last twenty-three years, we have pleasure in according him the leave asked.

In August 1876, Rev James Canon Higgins was elected Chairman of the committee. No minutes were recorded after that until the 16th of June 1877, when Canon Higgins was re-elected Chairman.

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