Distress in Charlestown 1880 in Co. Mayo

From the Freeman’s Journal.

A crowded meeting was held yesterday, the 8th of January, in the Charlestown Church, for the purpose of forming a sub-committee, for the relief of the poor in this Parish.

The following were appointed: Rev T Loftus, in the Chair, Messrs MJ Doherty and J Doherty, Secretaries, J Fitzgerald Esq, JW Mulligan Esq, J Morrisroe Esq, PW Mulligan Esq, JC Brady Esq, PLG, M McDonnell Esq, PA Mulligan Esq, J McDermott Esq, Bushfield, J McDermott, Charlestown, PJ Doherty, MJ Doherty Esq, VP, CDS, John Henry Esq, T Murphy Esq, H Campbell Esq, M Moffit Esq, PE Henry Esq, J Gallagher Esq, Patrick Gallagher Esq, PM, J Cassidy Esq, Patrick Harrington Esq, Patrick Mulrooney Esq, J Doherty Esq,Tample and P Doherty Esq, Tample. The principal male teachers were also present.

The following resolutions were unanimously adopted: Proposed by Rev T Loftus,PP, seconded by JC Brady Esq, PLG - that : "We hereby resolve ourselves into a committee to enable the poor to avail themselves of the funds at the disposal of the Duchess of Marlborough, Mansion House Committee, Dublin". Proposed by JM Henry Esq, and seconded by JC Brady Esq, that - "We exert ourselves to the best of our ability, to provide food, fuel and clothing for the starving poor of this Parish, in which the destitute families number, to the best of our knowledge, about 700 and to effect this object, that an appeal be made on their behalf, to the Duchess of Marlborough Committee, and the other charitable bodies engaged in collecting funds for the relief of the poor".

It was also proposed by JW Mulligan, and seconded by J Morrisroe that the Board of Guardians of the Swinford and Tubbercurry Unions be also involved.

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