Charlestown in The Swinford Union (part 1), in Co. Mayo

The Swinford Union existed before Mayo Co Council was established 9th of July 1872.

The clerk reported to the Board that Mark C Henry be appointed Rate Collector and informed them that one of the persons mentioned in his surety, Mr J W Mulligan, had declined to become his surety and nominated his brother, Mr J M Henry to act as his surety instead.

Afterwards the Board entered the following minutes resolving that the Board have approved the surety of Mr Mark C Henry by his brother, J M Henry, of Charlestown, to act with P Henry already approved of instead of J W Mulligan, Charlestown, who had declined to be Mr Henry's surety.

Mr J M Henry's name was directed to be entered into the Minutes, having been granted as surety for the Bond in place of Mr J W Mulligan. The books of Mr J M Henry having been this day signed, the Clerk has directed that Mr Henry's Bond be accepted.

A few years later, Mr Mark C Henry wrote the following letter to the Board

Sir, I would respectfully ask you to mention to the Board this day, that owing to the Publication which was highly injurious to my Collection, I will give up all books connected with this office, if fairly compensated. I am Sir, yours most faithfully, Mark C Henry.

At a meeting of the Board of the Union held on the 20th of January 1880, The following Guardians were present. In the Chair: Standish O'Grady McDermott, ESQ, J P Edward C Kelly Vice Chairman, Ignatius P O'Donnell, Deputy Vice Chairman, Owen O'Malley, J Darcy, Myles H Jordan, A J Durkan, E Gallagher, T Leach, Luke Colleran, P Keane, John McGloin, Michael O'Grady, M Peyton, J C Brady, Patrick Moran, and Luke Kearney. Mr Kearney had a shop in Charlestown and was born in Copplecurragh near Charlestown.

The following Clergy were also present: Very Rev Canon John McDermott, and Fathers T Conlon, P O'Hara, T Loftus, P Durkan, M O'Donnell, M Leonard, P Lowery, O Stenson, M Healy and J Little.

A meeting of the Committee of management of Lowpark Dispensary District, which was held on the 12th of March 1881. Present were: J W Mulligan, Chairman, M Moffit and J C Brady.

It was decided that the Relieving Officer do attend from 10am to 12noon on dispensary days. It was proposed by J C Brady and seconded by J W Mulligan.

Meeting on the 2nd of May 1881

A letter from Mr Strictland was read, stating that he will meet the Guardians in Charlestown on Saturday the 14th inst. And he will point out to them the site which he proposes to give for a Dispensary and Medical Officer's residence for Lowpark Dispensary District. The Clerk to inform Mr Strictland that the vice Guardians will meet him on Saturday the 14th inst, as requested.

A letter from the Work House Swinford, dated the 31st of May 1881

Gentlemen, I beg to report that the quality of last week's supplies was good. Some milk was returned and showed the cost of the stimulents for the work. The cost of stimulents for the week was one pound, eight shillings and four pence, and for the corresponding week last year was ,one pound, eight shillings and eleven pence. The children have been taken out for exercise four times during the week and I would respectfully request that some Summer bonnets be given to them, as the cost would be very small. I am, gentlemen, your most obedient servant, P J Durkan.

Meeting held on the 23rd of July 1878. Guardians present were: Edward C Kelly, Michael O'Grady, Michael J Corley, Thomas Mullarkey, William Clarke, Patrick Clarke, Patrick Cunniffe, Patrick Keane, Edward Gallagher, Luke Kearney, Thomas Mulligan and Hugh McNulty. The meeting discussed the Parliamentary grant that was to come to the Swinford Union.

Charlestown Dispensary Doctors from 1846 to 2001

Dr Phillips, Dr Stritch, Dr McDermott, Dr Carmody from Dublin, Dr Murray from Dublin, Dr Sweeney from Ballina, Dr O'Sullivan, who was married to Willie Doherty's sister, Dr Ahern, Dr Rowland from Crossmolina, Dr Mulligan from Charlestown, Dr Noble, a lady doctor from Dublin, Dr Byrne, Ballaghadereen, Dr P Carney, Swinford, Dr Gleeson from Cork and Dr Martin O'Brien from Headford, Co Galway.

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