Charlestown in The Swinford Union (part 2) in Co. Mayo

At a meeting of the Board of Guardians in Swinford on the 23rd of September 1878 Dr O'Grady presented his list of diets for the inmates of the Workhouse.

They were as follows:

Diet No 1 Liver Diet 

Diet No 2

Diet No 3 Middle diet

At a meeting on the 14th of October 1878, the tenders for locks, keys and latchets was awarded to Mr James Swift of Charlestown for the sum of Four pounds, three shillings and eight pence. The tender was accepted.

Minutes from a meeting held on the 18th of January 1884, in relation to the granting of Licences for Markets in the Swinford Union. Received from the Clerk to the Board stating: His Excellancy has been pleased to grant a Licence for the holding of a usual weekly Market at Charlestown on the 16th inst and the usual weekly Market at Kiltimagh on the 17th.

At a further meeting held in September 1884, it was resolved in the Minutes of that meeting that the Board approve the proposal of a line of Railway, from Claremorris to Collooney.

It can be established from a Meeting in June 1882, that Mr P Harrington was the builder who built the Dispensary in Charlestown. On the 20th of June he requested a cheque for two hundred pounds to pay for slates, and he also requested that a Clerk of Works be appointed to the job.

An example of the cost of materials and goods can be ascertained from the Minutes of a meeting held on the 13th of September 1881. Several tenders for Workhouse supplies having been considered and samples inspected, the following contracts were declared for twelve months.

Minutes from a meeting held on the 25th of October 1881

There were several tenders for the erection of a Dispensary and Medical Officers Residence at Charlestown and also at Foxford. In pursuant of advertisements having been duly considered, the tender of Mr Patrick Harrington of Charlestown for the building of a Medical Officer's Residence and Dispensary at Charlestown for the sum of Seven hundred and fifty pounds, and also the building of same in Foxford for Eight hundred pounds, was accepted.

The buildings at Foxford to be handed over completely furnished in every respect on or before the 24th of June 1882, and those at Charlestown on or before the 24th of July 1882. Bonds to be prefected within one week.

Tenders for building an additional appartment for the Workhouse Porter having been considered, John Mulligan was declared the Contractor for the sum of Eighteen pounds, the work to be completed by the 1st of May 1882. The proposal of Mr Pat Conwell to make a new horse cart and crib for the sum of Eight pounds was accepted, and to be furnished on the 1st of January 1882.

At the April Meeting in 1882, the election of the Chairman for the coming year took place.

Mr Cassidy proposed and Mr Moffat seconded it, that Mr Charles Strickland be elected Chairman for the coming year. Mr Murtagh proposed and Mr Staunton seconded it, that Mr Myles H Jordan be elected.

The voting was as follows: For Strickland: Messrs Mulligan, J McDermott, Cassidy, Moffatt, Brady and Mellet. For Jordan: Messrs Clarke, William Clarke, Staunton, Murtagh, O'Donnell and Keane.

Total votes for each candidate 6. Mr Standish O'Grady McDermott declined to vote.

No Chairman elected at that meeting.

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