Charlestown in The Swinford Union (part 3) in Co. Mayo

From the Minutes of the meeting on the 22nd of June 1885

Proposed by Mr Mellett, seconded by Mr Murtagh, that we beg to tender to our Deputy Vice-Chairman our sincere expression of sympathy on the death of his much lamented and esteemed wife, and beg to express to Mr J W Mulligan our feelings of sorrow and regret on this event.

From the Minutes of the same meeting

Resolved: that William Lynam, County Surveyor, be requested to furnish to the Board with plans and specifications of the repairs necessary to the public well at Charlestown, with as little delay as possible. The Well is still there at the end of the Well road, near the Graveyard

From the August meeting 1885

Resolved: That the tender of Mr John Doherty, Tample, for the erection of a boundary wall around the Kilebeagh Burial ground at Two pounds and eleven shillings per Irish Perch and according to specifications, be accepted. Resolved: That the tender of Mr John M Henry, to construct the new Sewer at Three pounds per perch, and according to specifications, be accepted.

Rev John O'Connor of Ballaghadereen was appointed Warden of Lowpark District on the 17th of February 1881. Swinford Union meeting on the 3rd of February 1890.

Present at the meeting were: Chairman, A J Staunton, J P O'Donnell, P A Mulligan, A J Dunleavy, M Moffat and M C Henry.

Minutes of the meeting held on the 20th of January 1891

Proposed by M C Henry and seconded by Mr Mulligan that, owing to the distress condition of the following districts: Sonnagh and Doocastle within the Union and which is completely deprived of any relief in the shape of work from the Colooney and Claremorris Railway Line, we are unanimous in directing the attention of the Government to the serious consequences that are likely to arise unless relief works are immediately offered.

The following letter was read to the meeting.

That there was upwards of three hundred families in the Parish of Kilebeagh and outside the reach of Railway works, and at present in a state of abject poverty, and as these poor people can be profitably employed in their own neighbourhood in repairing roads, cutting hills, sinking rivers etc, we recommend these poor people to the consideration of the Local Government Board and hope they will urge upon the Government the necessity of helping these people by giving grants in the above named works. The villages of Gleann, Tavneena, Lurga, Kilgarriff, Barnalyra, Barnacogue and Killaturley are the places named as being outside existing Railway works and where works of some kind are absolutely necessary to save the people from starvation. Signed Thomas Canon Loftus, PP, and J C McDonnell, CC.

Election of officers on the 10th of April 1894

Proposed by J McDermott and seconded by Mr Sheridan, that M C Henry, Charlestown, be elected Chairman of the Board for the coming year. It was carried unanimously.

The 7th of August 1894

Resolved: that Sr Mary Xavier Henry be appointed Nurse of the Fever Hospital, Swinford, at a salary of Twenty five pounds per year, with apartment, fuel and light.

Proposed by Mr Kelly and seconded by Mr Higgins, and resolved that the resolution requesting the Home Chancellor to appoint Mr P M Henry of Ballydrum, Swinford to the Commission of Peace, be adopted.

The 1st of October 1895

Proposed by Mr Staunton and seconded by Mr Sheridan - resolved that as this is the opening day of the Colooney/Claremorris Railway line, we adjourn the remaining business of the Board to give an opportunity to the Guardians and others concerned to travel over a portion of the line and see for themselves how they appreciate its completion.

Swinford Union meeting on the 11th of January 1896

Present were: M C Henry, Chairman, Thomas Roughneen, J Devitt, A J Staunton, J J Durkin, M Sheridan, Thomas Dunleavy, J Irwin, Peter Gallagher, Patrick Gallagher and Thomas Higgins. The Rate Collector for the Charlestown area in 1896 was Bernard Moffat.

Swinford Union meeting on the 3rd of August 1897

Proposed by Mr Devitt and seconded by Mr Gallagher, that: resolved That we have learned with very deep regret of the death of Mrs Mary Henry, Charlestown, mother of our Chairman, M C Henry. We desire to convey to him and His family the expression of our sincere sympathy and condolence.

We will now adjourn this meeting as a final tribute of respect without transacting any further business.

© Cathal Henry

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