Place Names - Parish of Kilbeagh, Charlestown in Co. Mayo

Kilbeagh: Church of the Birch, in the Barony of Costello.

Ballintadder: Baile an Teader, Tadder or Eiscir, a ridge of sand hills.

Barnacogue: Barr na Cathoige, the summit of the little battle or skirmish.

Botenny: Both a Tsionnaigh, the hut of the fox.

Cashelduff: Caisiol Dubh, a black stone fort.

Cloonlyon: Cluain Laighean, The meadow or Lawn of the Leinster men.

Derrykinlough: Doire-cinn-locha, Oakwood of the head of the lake.

Hagfield: Trian na Caillighe, The hag’s third part.

Killaturley: Coill a 'Turlaigh, The wood of the Turlough or Winter lake.

Lowpark: Beal Atha na Srona, The mouth of the ford of the nose.

Mullinmadogue: Muileann Madoige, Maddock’s Mill.

Tample: Teampall, A Church.

Tombohalla: Tom Both 'Thola, The mound of Tola’s tent or hut.

Loughaphaobera: Loch a 'Phiobaire, The lake of the piper.

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