Delia Henry Memoirs, Charlestown in Co. Mayo


Leisure time, as it is occupied, has certainly progressed, our social lives have undergone many changes for the better.

Radio - the thief of conversation - was a big upheaval, coming into the homes slowly but surely. Where electricity had not yet reached, batteries were used, the era of the oil lamp was still with us. The radio had its advantages, the listener can hear the events being relayed to his own satisfaction, without fear of contradiction, and one can be relaxed unless it is a football match.

The television came and almost took over the home, at first giving audio-visual accounts. To interrupt a programme in company was almost a sin. Work was scheduled to fit in with the picture or saga, until people become more selective in their viewing.

Now it is part of the kitchen furniture, through which one can see the workings of the world, at peace or at war, prosperous or starving, happy or sad.

It is progress, it is good, take the best it offers.

© Delia Henry 2002 Cathal Henry

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