Memories of my First Holy Communion Day

I remember my First Holy Communion Day as if it was yesterday. My brother Val (RIP) and I made ours together.

It was just a regular Sunday Mass at St. James Church Charlestown but it was very special for all of us. My Aunt Mary Ellen had sent me a beautiful frilly dress and I couldn’t wait to wear it.

Father Eddie O’Hara was the celebrant of the Mass and after he gave all of us our First Holy Communion he got up on the pulpit and said the following. "My Dear Children, this is a very special day for all of you and I want you all to remember it - It is the 3rd Sunday in May of the Holy Year (1950)".

After Mass my mother had borrowed a camera and we had our photo taken, I still have the one but just cannot find it now. Then later in the day we had a party.

Now 59 years later, I still remember it. St. James' Church has many happy memories for all our family. My brothers, sisters and I were all baptised, received our First Communion and Confirmation there, as did my mother (RIP) who was born in Cashel.

Attracta Moffitt O’Malley (formerly of Charlestown, Co. Mayo), Philadelphia

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