Muintir na Tire 1953, Charlestown in Co. Mayo

Muintir na Tire - 14th March 1953

A meeting of the above was held in the Parochial Hall last week. Mr Luke Colleran was in the Chair.

Among the various matters discussed was a motion by Miss Kitty Mulligan, re repairs to the well on the Well road. It was agreed that: Mr Colleran, Mr Regan and Mr PJ Brennan would try and find out if it was worth seeing to. As regards a sign for Tample, Knock and Cloonlyon School, the Secretary was asked to write a strong letter to Board Failte and ask that in view of the fact that Knock opens on the 3rd of May, it would be well to have them erected before that date.

Mr Moffitt's proposal re the Cemeteries was adjourned, as was the Secretary's proposal that a suitable memorial to the memory of Very Rev Canon Keaveney, be set up.

There was a lengthy discussion on the Mayo rates, proposed by Mr Gannon, Lurga and a conclusion arrived at: that if we are to have good roads etc, we must be prepared to pay. The Secretary was asked to write to the County Council, asking them to have the demand notes printed in English as well as Irish.

Very Rev Fr O'Connor informed the meeting that the Land Commission refused to accept the proposal put forward by him for a new weighbridge, and that a new one to be erected would cost £300.00.

There was a long discussion about the collection of Tolls. It was, however, suggested that the Tolls should be raised. Mr Weaver said they should be left as they were. Mr Weaver also asked for Volunteers to sow Alder trees along the Swinford road.

The following agreed to go on Monday at 3pm, each person taking a spade; Messrs: L Colleran, Tony Henry, John Irwin, F McGuinn, L Weaver and Patsy Dunne.

The Rural Electrification Scheme was then discussed, and Mr Hunt, NT, Carracastle, asked that a deputation from Charlestown and Carracastle should go to Sligo to get the Scheme in operation at once. It was decided that once the names were submitted, arrangements should be made for the deputation.

The following were present: Miss K Mulligan, Mrs Tony Henry, Mrs J Kennedy,L Weaver, T O'Connor, J A Mulligan, J Irwin, W Regan, P J Brennan, P Dunne, V McGuinn, T Regan. Mrs Tony Henry acted as Secretary, in the absence of same.

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