O'Donovan's Ordnance Survey 1838, Charlestown in Co. Mayo

Miscellaneous Features and Observations

Lowpark is the only townland mentioned in this survey, as having grazing cattle. Charlestown is not mentioned as this survey was carried out in 1838, and the town was not established until 1846. It is now situated in the townlands of Laveybeg and Lowpark.


Loughdubh or Black Lake, in the townland of Hagfield or Treanacally.

Loughshone: Loch Sheoin: John's Lake: John Taylor, who died, lived near this lake. Between the townlands of Hagfield and Lower Lurga .

Duffy's Lough: John Duffy lived here. Between Hagfield and Lower Lurga. There are trout here.

Loughaphaober: Loch a'Phiobaire: The lake of the piper. In Hagfield.

Loughawaddahoam: Loch a'Mhaide Chaim: The lake of the crooked stick. It is situated in Hagfield.

Loughnamuck: Loch na Muc; The lake of the pigs. In Hagfield.

Loughnacurrigh: Loch a'Churraigh: The lake of the moor or coracle. It is between Hagfield and Lower Lurga.

Loughadarroagh: Loch a'Dara: The lake of the oak.

Cool Lough: Cul-Loch: Back lough. In Tomboholla.

Stripe Lough: In Stripe townland.

Townaghbeg Lough: Between the townlands of Tawnaghbeg and Kilgarriff.

Ballinagurinagh Lough: Baile na Gcuilinigh: Collins-town, so called from a family of Collins, who lived here. In the townland of Killaturley.

Blacklough: Loch Dubh: In Killaturley.

Loughapulmore: Loc a'Phuill Mhoir: Lake of the big hole. In the townland of Barnacogue.

Cloonakillina Lough: Cluain a'Chillin: Lake of the little Church. It is in the north-east of the parish, on the boundary with Kilturra parish.

Tubbararaght: Tobar Attracta: St. Attracta's well, in Lower Lurga.

A holy well, near which is a stone pillar, five feet square and six feet high. On top of the pillar stands a rude stone bearing the date 1767 and with a cross cut on it. There is a low bench at the side of the pillar on which devotees kneel. The principal day of attendance is Saturday, during the summer and harvest months. There is also a Pattern held here on August 11th, St. Attracta's feast day. The stone pillar has no appearance of an altar.

Bellahy: Beul Lathaigh: The mouth of the slough. This is a village of fifty-five houses on the Sligo side of the north boundary of this parish. Roads radiate from it, transversing the parish, to Swinford, Kilkelly, Ballyhaunis and Ballaghaderreen.

Owengarve River: Abhainn Gharbh: The rough river. It rises in the north-east of the parish and flows westwards to enter Achonry parish in the Co. Sligo, just west of the road to Curry.

Sonnagh River. It rises in the west of the parish, and flows north-westwards to enter Killasser parish and join the Moy river.

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