Passionist Mission in Charlestown 1874 in Co. Mayo

The Passionist order gave a Mission in Charlestown in 1874, in the month of May. There were four Priests of the Anglo-Hibernian Province and their Irish base was in Mount Argus, Dublin. The Priests were: Fr Alphonsus, Fr Arthur, Fr Sylvester and Fr Malachy. It ended on the 24th of May with nine thousand communions, and ten thousand people were present at a Papal Blessing in the open air. A mission cross was also erected. There were also nine hundred and seventy six people confirmed by the Bishop.

Fr Alphonsus O'Neill was Rector of St Saviour's Retreat ,Broadway, Worcs, England, and was second Provincial Consultor. Fr Arthur Devine was Lector, ie,Professor of Students in St Annes Retreat, Sutton Park, St Helen's, Lancs, England. Fr Malachy Graham was Professor to the students in Mount Argus. Fr Sylvester McManus was a member of the Mount Argus community.

Fr Arthur Devine was a native speaker. Later he published many books which were widely appreciated. Some of the books were: The Creed Explained, The Commandments Explained, A manual of Ascetical Theology and a manual of Mystical Theology. Fr O'Neill died in 1899, Fr Sylvester McManus died in 1902, and Fr Arthur Devine In 1919.

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