Race Card 1921, Charlestown in Co. Mayo

Charlestown Races

(Over the Famous Old Lowpark Course, kindly given by the owners)

To be held on Saturday, 1st of October, 1921.

Entry to Stand: 2s 6d, and Tax:2d.

Trains leave for Sligo at 5.35pm, and for Tuam at 6.30pm.


First Race

Visitors Plate of £15.00, of which the second receives £2 out of stake. An open weight-for-age flat race, 3years old, 9st 7lbs, 4years old, 10st 7lbs, 5years old, 11st 7lbs, and 6 years and aged, 12st. Distance, 2 miles. Entry Fee:10s.

Two Miles Flat:

Second Race - 2pm

Farmers Plate, £10.00. second Horse, £1.00 out of stake. This race is confined to horses of the draught type, the bona-fide property since 1st of August 1921, of farmers and tradesmen residing within 5 miles of Charlestown. Any horse with apparent thoroughbred or hunter breeding is barred, and owners or competitors must satisfy Stewards that their horses have done all round general and farm work to qualify for competing.

Catch Weights, Distance 2 miles flat. Entrance fee: 5s.

Two Miles.

Third Race - 2.30pm

Lowpark Plate. £15.00, second horse to receive £2.00. out of stake. An open weight for age, flat race, as in Visitors Plate.

Distance: Two and a quarter miles Entry: 10s.

Fourth Race - 3pm

Ladies Plate. £10.00. second £1.00 out of stake. Confined to Ponies 13.2 hands and under. Weights - 3yrs, 8st: 4yrs. 9st. 5yrs. 9st. 7lbs. 6yrs. And aged. 10st. Distance: Two miles. Entry:5s.

Some Ponies were sold after the Race.

Fifth Race - 3.30pm

Farewell Plate, £10.00, second, £1.00, out of stake. An open weight for age, Flat race. Weights as in Visitor's Plate. Entry: 7s and 6d.

Two Miles Flat.

© Cathal Henry

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