Sir William Wilde, Cong in Co. Mayo

Sir William Wilde, father of the famous Irish writer Osacr Wilde, was a surgeon, antiquarian and noted amateur archaeologist.

He was the author of "Wilde's Loch Coirib", published in 1867, and which gives a very instructive account of the history and archaeology of the area. Sir William's wife, Lady Wilde was an avid writer and wrote for 'The Nation' newspaper, a publication produced by the Young Ireland Movement.

The Wilde family spent long periods at their country home at Cong, Moytura House which was built by Sir William. The couple's son, Oscar, often wrote about his experiences in Cong in south Mayo and frequently returned to the area throughout his life.

Like his father, he was impressed by the tranquil nature of the countryside and commented that the scenery around Cong never altered with the passing of time, unlike mankind who aged with years.

The summer retreat of Moytura House is thought to have had a lasting influence on William and Oscar Wilde as it had with Lady Wilde.

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