Events in History, Crossmolina in Co. Mayo


The abbey of Crossmolina was founded about this time also (probably by a member of the De Barry family who owned some land about this place) but almost nothing remains of this foundation today. In 1306 three Normans were indicted for robbing the abbot, an incident which must have undermined the clergy's confidence in Norman protection. During the fifteenth century, Crossmolina passed into Bourke hands but in 1526 O'Donnell of Tirconnell (present day Co. Donegal) marched into Tirawley and demolished Crossmolina castle.

The abbey was dissolved in the 1530s although it may not have been in use at the time. Sometime in the 1630s the abbey and its lands came into the possession of Sir Richard Blake. The closing of the monasteries came as a great blow to the ordinary people.

To many, the monasteries were more than places of worship they provided hospitality and served as centres of culture and education as well. With their destruction the people lost important community centres and this loss may have strengthened many in their resolve to abide by the faith of their fathers and reject the doctrines of the alien reformed church.

Source: "A Guide to History and Antiquities West of Killala Bay" Author: J Lynott 1980

Chronology of Historical Events Relating To Crossmolina.

Acknowledgement: Crossmolina Historical and Archaeological Society

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