The Black Pig Legend, Enniscrone in Co. Sligo

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In the immediate neighbourhood of Scurmore, near Enniscrone, there is a town land called Muckdubh (in Irish Black Pig). Here lies a large tumulus known as "The Grave of the Black Pig". An old Irish legend tells that, in South Donegal, an evil spirit took possession of an old big sow. The beast killed and ate everyone she encountered on her path.

Some of the local hunters, determined to kill the animal, assembled and set a mission to rid themselves of this evil creature. They chased the sow through to Sligo and on to Lenadoon in Easkey, where the beast plunged into the sea and swam ashore at Enniscrone strand.

Finally the hunters, using long-spears and wooden poles killed the evil sow. The Black Pig was so enormous they could not move her, so the town's people had to cover her with a large amount of stones and earth, hence giving the town land its name.

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