The Hunt Family Lineage, Kilkelly in Co. Mayo

Bryan Hunt, of Urlaur is the earliest known of this family. He was born c.1798 and died in Urlaur 10th July 1892 aged 94 years.

In the General Valuation of Rateable Property in Ireland, 1856, he is listed as holding a house, out-offices and 35 acres, 2 roods and 28 perches of land in Urlaur from Viscount Dillon.

He married 2nd Feb.1826 in Kilmovee church Elizabeth ‘Eliza’ KELLY (witnesses: Matthias KELLY and Edmond KELLY). She was born c.1799 and died 22nd Dec.1872 aged 73 years.

They lived in Urlaur and had issue of whom the following five sons and two daughters are known:

Thomas HUNT

born c.1831, fl.1901 aged 70 years. He married Catherine TOWEY. She was born c.1833, died 6th Aug. 1894 aged 61 years. They lived in Urlaur and had issue ten children:

1 - Dominick HUNT, bapt. 29th July 1855 (sponsors: James HUNT and Catherine HUNT).

2 - Michael HUNT, bapt. 6th Sept. 1857 (sponsors: Bernard HUNT and Elizabeth KELLY), fl. 1901 aged ‘40’ years. He married 30th Jan. 1896 in Kilmovee church Bridget MURPHY of Derrylahan, daughter of Thomas MURPHY (witnesses: Patrick HUNT and Margaret MURPHY). She was born c.1872, fl. 1901 aged 26 years. Both buried in Urlaur Abbey graveyard. They had issue:

I. Thomas HUNT, bapt. 14th Nov. 1896 (sponsors: John MURPHY and Maggie HUNT).

II. James HUNT, bapt. 1898 (sponsors: James MURPHY and Kate MURPHY).

III. Dominick HUNT, bapt. 1st Nov. 1898 (sponsors: Patrick HUNT and Mary MURPHY).

IV. Catherine HUNT, bapt. 13th Feb. 1901 (sponsors: Michael HUNT and Mary HUNT).

V. Peter HUNT, bapt. 8th Mar. 1902 (sponsors: Bernard HUNT and Elizabeth HUNT).

VI. Mary Ellen HUNT, bapt. 20th Sept. 1903 (sponsors: Tom MURPHY and Kate MURPHY).

VII Michael HUNT, bapt. 24th Aug. 1905 (sponsors: Thomas MURPHY and Bridget DUFFY).

VIII Bridget HUNT, bapt. 17th Oct. 1906 (sponsors: Patrick MURPHY and Catherine MURPHY).

IX Catherine HUNT, bapt. 16th Jan. 1909 (sponsors: Thomas HUNT and Bridget DUFFY).

X Bernard HUNT, bapt. 28th Sept. 1910 (sponsors: James HUNT and Maggie KELLY). He married 14th Aug. 1944 Mary KENNY.

3 - Catherine HUNT, bapt. 19th Oct. 1861 (sponsors: Patrick HUNT and Mary HUNT)

4 - Elizabeth HUNT, bapt. 24th July 1864 (sponsors: Bernard HUNT and Elizabeth KELLY), died 22nd Nov. 1864

5 - Bridget HUNT, bapt. 18th Dec. 1865 (sponsors: Patrick O’DONNELL and Catherine HUNT)

6 - Margaret HUNT, bapt. 15th Feb. 1868 (sponsors: Dominick HUNT and Bridget MURPHY). She married 22nd Aug. 1891 James GRENNAN of Urlaur, son of James GRENNAN. (witnesses: Thomas CAFFERKY and Catherine CAFFERKY).

7 - Bernard HUNT, bapt. 30th July 1870 (sponsors: Dominick HUNT and Catherine MORAN), died 25th Feb. 1872

8 - James HUNT, bapt. 12th Oct. 1872 (sponsors: Patrick HUNT and Catherine GRENNAN).

9 - Ellen HUNT, born 3rd Apr. 1877.

10 - Mary HUNT, for whom no record of birth

Patrick HUNT

born c.1839, died 20th Jan. 1897 aged 58 years, unmarried.

James HUNT

born c.1841, fl.1901 aged 60 years. He married 20th Feb.18 Bridget MURPHY of Urlaur, daughter of Patrick MURPHY (witnesses: Dominick HUNT and Bridget GRENNAN). She was born c.1849, fl.1901 aged 52 years. They lived in Urlaur and had issue

A. Eliza Hunt, bapt. 27th December 1873(sponsors: Patrick Hunt and Ellen Murphy)

B. Mary Hunt, bapt.7th February 1875 (sponsors: Dominick Hunt and Honor Kelly)

C. James Hunt, bapt. 30th July 1876 (sponsors: Dominick Hunt and Ellen McQuaid)

D. Catherine Hunt, born 19th March 1878

E. Patrick Hunt, bapt. 1st January 1879 (sponsors: John Grennan and Ellen Grennan)

F. Michael Hunt, bapt. 19th December 1880 (sponsors: Patrick Hunt and Ellen Murphy)

G. Thomas Hunt, born 29th March 1884

H. Bernard Hunt, bapt. 9th October 1887 (sponsors: James Hunt and Elizabeth MacQuaid)

I. Ellen Hunt, bapt. 30th September 1893 (sponsors: James Hunt and Elizabeth Hunt)

J James Hunt, bapt. 27th December 1891(sponsors: Patrick Hunt and Mary Hunt)

Dominick Hunt

born 1849 (fl) 1901 aged 52 years died 9th March 1928. He married 16th March 1876, Mary Cox of Aghadeffin, daughter of James Cox, (witnesses: Pat MacKenzie and Mary Cox). She was born (fl) 1901 aged 48years and died 13th February 1941.They lived in Ulaur and had issue:

A. Patrick Hunt, bapt. 10th February 1877 (sponsors: Pat Hunt and Mary Hunt)

B. Elizabeth Hunt, bapt. 11th August 1878 (sponsors: Bernard Hunt and Celia Cox)

C. James Hunt, bapt. 30th November 1879 (sponsors: Dominick Hunt and Anne Cox)

D. John Hunt, bapt. 26th May 1881 (sponsors: Michael Hunt and Catherine Hunt)

E. Mary Hunt, bapt. 23rd December 1883 (sponsors: Patrick Hunt and Bridget Hopkins)

F. Michael Hunt, bapt. 20th June 1885 (sponsors: James hunt and Bridget Hunt)

G. Catherine Hunt, bapt. 10th October 1886 (sponsors: Patrick Hunt and Elizabeth Hunt)

H. Thomas Hunt, bapt 18th November 1888 (sponsors: James Hunt and Mary Hunt)

I. Dominick Hunt, bapt. 5th September 1891 (sponsors: Pat Hunt and Elizabeth Hunt)

J. Ellen Hunt, bapt. 30th September 1893 (sponsors: James Hunt and Elizabeth Hunt)

K. Sabina Hunt, bapt. 29th February 1896 (sponsors: James Hunt and Mary Hunt)

L. Bernard Hunt, bapt. 1st November 1898 (sponsors: Michael Hunt and Kate Gara)

John Hunt

born 1843, and died in 1909. He emigrated to the U. S. A. in 1855. He married Maria Scully, a native of Clonaslee, Queen’s County (modern Laois). They lived in Dunellen, New Jersey, and had issue eleven children, including, A. Margaret “ Maggie” Hunt, married John. E. Logan. He died in 1927. They had issue including,

  1. Leo Logan, married Margaret Dufford. These being the grandparents of Peter Jones, composer of “ Kilkelly Ireland”
Catherine Hunt

married 28th January 1859, Patrick O’Donnell of Cloonamna, ( witnesses: Dominick O’Donnell and Margaret Doherty). They had no issue. This couple were not found in the 1901 census, neither was ant record of their deaths found

Mary Hunt

married 8th April 1865, Michael Phillips of Carracastle, son of Thomas Phillips, (witnesses: John Phillips and Kate O’Donnell). They had issue At least four children:

A. Thomas Phillips, bapt. 16th May 1866, (sponsors: John and Margaret Phillips)

B. Ellen Phillips, bapt. 17 September 1867. (sponsors: Patrick Phillips and Catherine Hunt)

C. Mary Phillips, bapt. 10th September 1868(sponsors: Patrick Hunt and Mary Phillips)

D. Catherine Phillips, bapt. 24th December 1871(sponsors: Patrick O’Donnell and Catherine Hunt)

E. Catherine Phillips, bapt. 1st February 1874(sponsors: Thomas Doyle and Mary O’ Grady)

F. Ellen Phillips, bapt. 24th April 1876 (sponsors: John Jordan Margaret Phillips)

G. John Phillips, bapt. 1st June 1878 (sponsors: Dominick Hunt and Mary Phillips)

H. Bridget Phillips, bapt. 5th June 1880(sponsors: Thomas Phillips and Bridget Duffy)

I. Eliza Phillips, bapt. 6th September 1882(sponsors: Patrick and Fanny Boland)

J. Margaret Kate Phillips, bapt. 15th January 1884(sponsor Thomas and Anne Duffy)

K. Anne Theresa Phillips, twin of Sarah Agnes, bapt. 28th July 1888 (sponsors: John and Mary Coleman)

L. Sarah Agnes Phillips, twin of Anne Theresa, bapt. 28th July 1888 (sponsors Patrick O’Donnell and Ellen Phillips)

I would like to thank South Mayo Family Research, Main Street, Ballinrobe; for their kind permission for the use of the above information.

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