Kilkelly Hunt Family, Orlaur Feb 6th 1890

My Dear Son,

I received your very kind letter a few days ago with your kind remittance as a Christmas box altho you regret not sending it sooner; I value it just the same as if I had it before the Blessed Festival. I cannot find words for thanking you your always being good to me in my infirm days. I may tell you that I felt pretty stout and supple until very lately, but I find that my limbs are getting rather weak now these weeks. I am just visiting your old friend's house (P. McNamara) he is writing these lines for me and I find myself able to make the journey quite well, and don't intend to go off my visit until about 10 o'clock pm, when your friend will go part of the way home with me, not indeed that I require it, I would not say so much about my visit, but to give you an idea of the state of my health compared with my age, now approaching 92, I am happy to hear that you are in good health as is all your family, you mentioned that you were somewhat indisposed lately, I hope that it was not much, but as you remark it shows that you are not as young as you were. I am glad that the change of air has improved your Mrs' health. I it is a blessing thanks be to God that she has her daughter's place to go to for a change of climate. I am very happy to hear that Michl. and children are well.

It gives me pleasure to learn that yourself and your 3 daughters are together and well and hope and trust that their mother will return home in good health -I am happy to be able inform you that all the friends are in their good health at present, you brother Thomas wife and family are well. James wife and family are well also, Dominick wife and family are well, Patsy is in good health, and I can tell you that my own health is good, but as I described above, my limbs are getting weak, I am proud of how poor Mary and her children are getting along considering that she lost a good son, and next a good husband.

P.O'Donnell and Mrs are getting on well and in right good health, I have informed them of your good wishes to them all, I thought at one time that I would see you once more as you were saying that you would come on a visit, but now I have not the faintest hope of that as you have gone so far out west - your friend Patrick McNamara is in good health, as also his wife and family -

I send you my blessing and same to your Mrs and children. Tell Michl. that I send himself and children my blessing also -

I remain my dear son your affectionate father

Bernard Hunt

My Dear Friend

I am indeed very happy to hear of your welfare, and nothing can give me greatest pleasure that to hear that you and yours are well, I and family are well, I am surprised at how active your father is, considering his age. (blurred over)



Excuse haste

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