Kilkelly Hunt Family, Orlaur February 1893

My Dear Brother John,

I received your letter this morning, I was very happy to hear that you and your family were enjoying good health, which is a blessing we all enjoy here. I thank God, I hope you will excuse me for writing at the time Father died, Mr .Mack ascertained to me that he would write to you and send you all particular accounts about Father's death and sister Mary, I understand it must be the cause he did not write about the first of October. He came to visit father at that time he requested him write to you, he always felt uneasy about you and Brother Michl. and your families until he departed, he kept preying and calling for you, he was in very good health until about 2 months before he died and very good feeling too. He was entered in the churchyard of Aughamore along with mother may the Lord have mercy on their souls, sister Mary died with 3 days sickness.

The children are in good health they are doing well they keeping the public business, still two of them are good girls only that they fell lonesome after their Father and Mother may their souls rest in peace; I mean to tell you that we did not hear anything about your letter until now nor we got no glimpse of the likeness we would have great welcome for it if we got it. I trust you will send it again we have a girl here of the name, we would wish to see it, I guess I told you before about our family, we have now six boys and three girls, we are enjoying good health at Present except Patsy is getting poor health.


Dear Brother, it is time to explain to you the cause of the Post- master Kenny as you are aware, there is a Bog he wanted to get of James by Traction, we took law proceedings against him & he was defeated so they would not do us no good. I do not know anything about money, but I suppose it is deposited in the deed office in London. The times are no better in this Country than they were 30 years ago, but of any worse, there is no circulation of money in the Country there is no price for stock or no earning of any description. A man that has to bring up a family, has to struggle hard between this country and England.

This was the last letter.

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