Kilkelly Ireland Song, Orluar July 6th 1872

My Dear John,

Though some time has elapsed (I suppose about 17 years) since you and I had the pleasure of being together, notwithstanding being so many years I often remember those days with feelings of pleasure, and many a recollection of good fellowship and scene of innocent which pass across my mind and often make me wish that we might meet again. I suppose I might say that since you and I are settled down, and separated by the waters of the Atlantic, that there is only a faint chance of our meeting this side of the grave: but I trust in God that we shall all meet in the realms of Light and Immortality to life Eternal. I hope to hear from you find it convenient.

Dear John,

I might say in truth and certainty, that there is not one of the associates of my youthful and pastime days that I ever call to mind with such warmth of affection as I do yourself. The many inquiries you make for my welfare, in your correspondence with your parents and friends convince me that you always cherished a like regard for me. I have seen that you never forgot inquiring about myself and the whole family circle. In your last letter to your parents, you have not only inquired for me, but enclose me a note, which your parents kindly sent me. I can assure you I did not need it to convince me of your friendship as I always knew you to sincere. Nevertheless that note which you sent me is not the less acceptable, since it comes from you, whose remembrance it will often recall, recalling at the same time the memory of many a pleasant hour spent together.

I am Dear John happy to learn that you and your family are in the enjoyment of good health. As also your brother Michael and family, who will not doubt, but I have a like interest in his welfare. I was speaking to you brother Dominick a few days ago and he told me they wrote, and hence I suppose that you are acquainted from time with all news turning up in this locality from the letters sent you home. I am sorry that I have one sad news to inform you of. The death of my poor mother, who died on the 13th January last, May The Lord have Mercy on her soul, I might be able to send you some trifling news (as I may recall them) but thinking that you must hear all the news in Orluar form home. I must conclude with fond regard to yourself Mrs. and family as also to Michl. Mrs. and family

I remain ever your sincere friend

Patrick McNamara.

P.S. I suppose you are aware that I am still at Tavrane and so is my sister.

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