Kilkelly Ireland Letter, Carracastle 13th Oct 1877

Dear Sons

In answer to your welcome letter, which I received in due time by which we were all here happy to hear of ye and yere family being in good health, which is a blessing, we enjoy here I thank God. Dear Sons it would be my delight to see one sight of ye, but as Michael is speaking of coming home, I hope I will soon see him as I think he can do better at home than in America. When the wages is so low and everything so dear, I know he cannot live there at your shillings a day and pay now rent and keep a family, so let him as quick as possible and he cannot be badly off as he has good friends, but I am sorry he did not speak of coming home before I got my place engaged as there was no other person more entitled to it, than what Michael was.

I think however, this would be a good year for him to come, as there is a great failor in the potato crop, in this country, and the people are greatly endebted and I consider there will be a chance of land, and he may get what would suit him, as I know the towns would not answer him about building in town it would cost two hundred pounds to build a good house in Ballaghderine. A man would have built one for less in Charlestown, however, if he comes, he cannot be short for house and accommodation, until he gets what will suit him. Patt O'Donnell says he will stop with himself until he provides a place for himself and that he will do all in his power to get a place for him. Dear John, I would be most happy to see you as I do not expect to live long and after Michael comes home and that we see how he will get on. We will be better judges about you getting a place, if you have a notion for coming home, all the boys were in England excepting Patt and I was anxious to have their opinion as you said in your letter, if it would not be safe not to advise him to come, but I now consider he will be safe in coming.

Dear John, it will always cause to be youthful to hear from you and your Mrs. and family, often may God spare you and them to live in happiness all the ................................................................... being thinking of coming home, Edward Kelly is in Ballaghaderine yet with Mr. Flannery, and is getting on very well and well thought of by his employer.

Dear John, tell Michael, not to be anyway uneasy about Callaghan for his decree is run out of date for he never renewed it. Patt O'Donnell and Catherine are in good health and are very proud of Michael being for coming home & so is Michael Phillips and Mary, they are almost like yourself in family one son & three daughters living.

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