Town Twinning Killala & Chauve in Co. Mayo

The Town Twinning of Killala and Chauvé, (France) took place on 24th August 1998 during the Bicentenary Commemoration of The Year of the French (1798). Chauvé is located in the middle of "Pays de Retz" linking Brittany and Vendée, 7 km from the sea and the Bay of Borugneuf, 45km from Nantes with a population of 1,592 (600 urban, 992 rural).

The movement grew from the determination at local level to break down the barrier between different countries. It has proved it’s strength by it’s ability to evolve and adjust to changing circumstances. Further evidence of this is the interest shown in creating ties with tourism in Central and Eastern Europe and the number of close links that have already been forged.

The European Commission has responded to the need for financial assistance for towns which face obstacles in setting up new twinning links or expanding existing partnerships. It’s priority is to help towns on the periphery of the Union and those in regions where the movement is still in it’s early stages. Town twinning links provide an excellent springboard for the development of partnerships and collaboration of all kinds.

Killala Commemorative Programme 1998

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