Fishing/Angling in Killala, Co. Mayo


Killala is an anglers paradise with excellent fishing locations, including deep sea angling, shore fishing and the opportunity to fish many local rivers and lakes. Salmon and Trout fishing can be enjoyed on the world famous River Moy (8km away); Lough Conn and other North Mayo rivers are within easy reach - so the angler is always assured of a varied catch.

Deep Sea Angling

Deep Sea Angling on the rich fishing grounds of Killala Bay is a memorable experience for the visiting fisherman. The harbour in Killala gives access to the sheltered and very productive waters of Killala Bay - one of the prime fishing locations in Ireland, with a vast variety of species available.

The deep waters off the continental shelf are quite close to the coast, leading to unusual catches such as John Dory and Hake. The Irish Record John Dory catch was established in Killala Bay in August 1984. The extensive variety of species in the bay include blue shark, coalfish, cod, grey gurnard, red gurnard, pollack, ray, conger, skate, tope and turbot.

Charter boat hire is available locally and there are a wealth of shore-angling marks extending northwards and westward from the town.

The nearest tackle shops are in Ballina, 8 miles (13km) to the south.

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