Lacken Drownings 1927 in Co. Mayo

On October 28th 1927 nine lives were lost in Lacken Bay not too far away from Lacken Pier. Nine 26 ft boats were out fishing herring. Seven of the nine crews were from the Rathlacken area. The other two crews were from the Clogher area.

The boats were within 700 - 800 yards of the shore when the sky got very dark and a storm arose. These fishermen could not see their mates beside them or hear each other from the roaring of the wind. They just rowed in what they thought might be the direction of the pier. Some boats were lucky and made it to the pier, others were not so lucky and were driven out to the rocks. Local fishermen called this the night of the disaster.

All of the crew of the 'Rose of Lacken' skippered by Pat Kearney were lost. They were: Thomas Goldrick (40) single, his cousin Anthony Goldrick (19), Michael Goldrick (22) single, Pat Goldrick (18) single, Pat Kearney (45) married, his brother Martin Kearney (35) single, Anthony Coolican (22) single, Thomas Lynott (50) married. The ninth victim, Anthony Kearney (36) cousin of the other Kearneys, was lost from another boat called the 'Saint Patrick'. Most of the victims were never found.

A monument was erected at the pier in 1977 in remembrance of the victims of the tragedy.

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