Local Placenames, Lacken in Co. Mayo

Placename Map Reference Irish Name Meaning
Aghaleague G 127 356 Ath Liag Ford of the stones
Ballynaleck G 164 345 Baile na Lice Town of the flag
Ballinlena G 208 369 Baile an Léana Town of the west meadow
Ballygarry G 208 361 Baile a'Gharrdha Town of the garden
Ballymurphy G 151 343 Baile U’ Mhurchadha Murphy's Town
Banagher G 201 351 Beannchar Pointed hills or rocks
Barnhill G 149 351 Bairnín Little top
Barroe G 156 339 Barr Ruadh Red hill-top
Beltra G 177 387 Béal Trágha Mouth of the strand or shore
Billoos G 145 341 Na Bileadha The old trees
Carn G 152 329 Carn A pile of stones
Carrickanass G 163 335 Carraig an Easa The rock of the cataract
Carrowcuilleen (Carrowcullen) G 134 349 Ceathramhadh an Chillín The quarter of the Church
Carrowmacshane G 139 368 Ceathramhadh Mic Seáin MacShane's quarter
Carrowmore G 164 349 Ceathramhadh Mhór The great quarter
Carrowtrasna G 192 362 Ceathramhadh-Trasna Cross-wise quarter
Carrowsteelagh G 194 371 Ceathramhadh Stiallach Striped Quarter
Cashel G 196 351 Caisiol A stone fort
Castlelackan Demesne G 166 376 Caisleán Leacan Lacken Castle
Castlenageeha G 203 349 Caisleán na Gaoithe Windy castle
Castletown G 171 381 Baile an Chaisleáin Town of the castle
Cloonalaghan G 175 344 Cluain Alachain Allaghan's lawn or meadow
Cloonanass G 138 359 Cluain an Easa The lawn or meadow of the waterfall
Conaghra (Cunnaghrea) G 148 373 Conacra Land of the fire-wood
Creevagh G 176 402 Craobhach Bushy Land
Foghill G 188 358 Fóchoill Underwood
Gortatoor G 132 371 Cort a'Tuair Field of the bleach
Keeloges G 172 371 Caológa Narrow stripes or plots
Killogeary G 175 362 Cill Ó Geire The Church of the O'Geary's
Kilcummin G 204 379 Cill Chuimín St. Cuimin's Church
Knockboha G 153 382 Cnoc Boths Hill of the booth or hut
Lackan Hill G 156 377 Cnoc Leacan The hill of Lackan
Lecarrowntemple G 150 371 Leath-cheathramhadh an Teampuill The half quarter of the church
Lissadrone G 165 363 Lios Eadar Abhainn Fort between the river
Rathlacken G 172 393 Ráth Leacain Fort of the hillside
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