'The Woodlands of Loughglynn' - Song

The beautiful woodland on the outskirts of Loughglynn are honoured in song, in what has become something of a local 'anthem'.

'The Woodlands of Loughglynn' is a lovely ballad dedicated to the memory of those who died in those woodlands in April 1921.

It was written by a Lisacul woman, Bea Doherty, and has been recorded by a number of artists, including Brendan Shine.

The summer sun was sinking low
Behind the western sea
The lark's loud song was pealing sweet
But it brought no joy to me
For the one I loved is far away
He's left his tyrants den
He fought till death, and then he left
The woodlands of Loughglynn.

A noble Irishman was he
John Berigan was his name
He belonged to Tipperary
And from Nenagh town he came
But now, thank God, that he is gone
Away from harm and sin
He fought till death, and then he left
The woodlands of Loughglynn.

McDermott too, was brave and true
From the plains round Ballinagare
He's missed at many's a fireside
In the homes both near and far
He's missed at home in Brackloon
By his own dear kith and kin
His comrades true, they'll miss him too
In the woodlands of Loughglynn.

When our heroes they were dying there
They sent for the clergyman
Let no one think, they feared to face
The English Black-and-Tans
The clergy came and were in time
But as they said "Amen"
McDermott's soul was departing to
The woodlands of Loughglynn.

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