Glenmore Estate, Moygownagh in Co. Mayo

Different Landlords owned land in the parish of Moygownagh. The Glenmore Estate was owned by William Knox Orme before 1853. It was put up for sale in 1853 and came into the possession of Fetherstonehaugh.

The estate at the time included the townlands of Attyshane, Carn, Treenagh, Formoyle, Croughan and Shrameen and were scattered quite a distance apart.

Papers from the period showed Fetherstonehaugh as the Landlord with the tenants holding the land on a yearly basis at a fixed rent. If a tenant was unable to pay the rent, the sheriff would come to exact the equivalent price in the form of animals or crops, or failing this, to evict the tenants and his family.

The records of 1853 showed three tenants in Attyshane - Taheny, Durcan and O'Boyle. The Taheny family still live in Attyshane, beside Glenmore school.

The land rented by Philim O'Boyle now belongs to Michael Reape and Eugene Holmes. The remaining 162 acres were given to families during Fetherstone's time.

Of the tenants listed in Carn townland, only one family of the name is there to day, the lands occupied by Sean Finnerty. The same family names are still in Croughan, Ruddy and Irwin.

There were four tenants in Shrameen, now there are two families. One family moved to Westmeath 35 years ago, the lands of the other are owned by Sean Healy of Cornclough.

Most of the names in Treenagh townland are not there now. Fetherstonehaugh was landlord from 1853 to 1930, and during his time, the lands in Treenagh, Croughan, Shrameen, Fermoyle, Carn and parts of Attyshane were given to the tenants.

From Glenmore N.S. Centenary Book 1893 - 1993

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