Glenmore House, Moygownagh in Co. Mayo

Glenmore House in the parish of Moygownagh was known locally as the 'Big House' or the Landlords house. It was built in 1790 with the stones quarried from the nearby wood. It was owned at the time by William Knox Orme. In 1853, the house and lands were purchased by Fetherstonehaugh. He remained as Landlord until 1930.

During this time, the Land Commission allotted most of the lands to the tenants. Major Aldridge bought the house and remaining lands in 1930. In 1931, the land in Attyshane was divided among the local people but there was still about 215 acres, including woodlands in the estate.

When Major Aldridge sold the estate, he moved to Mount Falcon, near Ballina. He had a great interest in local history and he collected information and stories for the Folklore Commission.

After Major Aldridge came Mr Brennan, Mr Hegarty, Captain Hunt, Mr Latta, Sir John Riss and Mr Somers. Mr Somers sold the estate to Dr Loftus in 1978. He owned it during his term as President of the GAA. Many dignitaries stayed there during this period. Dr Loftus sold the house and lands to Mr Begot in 1989.

During Fetherstonehaugh's time, there were fourteen men, three housemaids and a cook working in the house. The wages at the time were 5p per day.

There was a holy well situated in the vicinity of the Big House. Many people came to pray at the well. Apparently, the landlord was displeased with the practice and the steward ordered the workers to fill the well with clay. They refused to obey his order so he took the spade himself and threw in a spadeful of soil. The men then completed the job. The steward became insane shortly afterwards.

From Glenmore N.S. Centenary 1893 - 1993

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