Visitors' Guide of Tourmakeady

A signpost for Tourmakeady Lodge leads up a small road to a very beautiful Forest Trail through the woodland. At the end is a pretty waterfall where a stream tumbles down tall steps into a pool overhung by trees, ferns and heather-clad rocks. The waterfall runs into Glensaul valley and a man made lake here is well stocked with brown trout.

Tourmakeady Wood/Loop Walk

Tourmakeady Wood Walk

Tourmakeady demesne is a popular woodland area with car parking facilities, picnic site and woodland walks. Fishing and hill walking are popular recreational activities in the locality.

Flora and Fauna

The original forest was broadleaf and consisted of oak with other native species such as ash, rowan, and birch. The area was replanted with fast growing conifers and there are also some examples of the more exotic broadleaves such as red oaks and poplars. Other species in the area are notably heather and rhododendrons.

Foxes, rabbits and pine martins are the main species of mammals. The coniferous forest is home to a wide variety of bird species including wrens, crested grebes and jays. Mallards can also be seen on the lake.

One hidden gem in this area of South Mayo is the Tourmakeady Wood Walk which you can view in more detail from our link below