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Doogort Beach, sheltered by the magnificent Slievemore mountain, is also known as Golden Strand. It is situated on the north side of Achill Island and commands spectacular views of Blacksod Bay and the Mullet Peninsula.

Close by Doogort village, at the eastern base of Slievemore mountain, lies the Deserted Village. The village is divided into three areas called Tuar, Tuar Riabach and Faiche, and there are approximately 80 houses in the village. The atmosphere of the Deserted Village is unique; its remoteness; a feeling of almost intruding on those who lived there; a sense of the frugality of life in such a place and time and the overall air of mystery. If you want to climb here, more superb scenery such as megalithic tombs and other pre-historic monuments will be your reward.

At the back of Slievemore Mountain the Atlantic has carved out little islands and caves. Seals bask here in hot summer days.

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