Scots Pine, Flora in Co. Mayo

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Scots Pine is a native tree in Ireland. This evergreen tree is tall up to 40m with a conical shape at first turning round and flatten later. It has a long, straight trunk and its reddish bark is thick and scaly. Needles are blue-green and sharp.

It flowers in May; the same tree bears two kind of flowers: the male yellow flower and the female red flower which forms the cone. The cones have glossy scales and remain on the tree several years before opening.

It grows on poor soil, moors, heaths and in the forest. Thousand years ago it was widespread as pollen indicates and deals of scots pine can be commonly found under the peat bogs, where they grew abundantly before the bog formed. Bog Pine was used for roofing houses and for making household furniture and torches.

It supports a large number of wildlife including the native red squirrel which its seeds than any other.

Its botanic name is Pinus Sylvestris, in Irish it is called Giúis.

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