Special and Common Plants in Co. Mayo

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In Mayo walking, cycling or taking a stroll are exciting experiences.

There are so many kinds of habitats where treasures can be discovered and careful observation in certain places often yields interesting discoveries. Search for the driest spots and the wettest, the sunniest and the shadiest, the mountain tops and the seashore, the acid bog and the limestone scree.

In farmland look for a marshy corner of a field or a dry ridge, while on limestone look for siliceous rock or peat.

In a bog the best places are usually in the wettest places and, on the other hand, on mountain, the best areas are cliffs facing north or north-east.

Did you know?
Mayo's most interesting areas are: Lough Carra, Ballinrobe region, south-west shore of Lough Mask, Mweelrea, Dooaghtry, Achill Island, Mulranny, Pontoon and Clare Island. 

n our country so many special and common plants can be found. Our flora is rich in trees such as oaks, ashes, blackthorns, hawthorns, birches, chestnuts, rhododendrons, conifers, yews and hollies.

The flowers are so numerous, often tiny, but full of charm. Orchid, bog cotton primrose, foxglove, heather, buttercup, ox-eye daisy, wood anemone, sundew, milkwort, marsh pea, dandelion, lesser celandine, thistle and butterwort are some of Mayo's flowers.

Wild flora gives to Mayo's landscape a particular touch of colours in every season.

Irish lady's tresses

This beautiful and rare orchid can be found in few sites close to lake shores, in damp meadows and boggy ground.

Bog Cotton

Bog Cotton is a hardy, herbaceous, rhizomatous, perennial sedge, very frequent in Co. Mayo


Primrose is a perennial flowering herb. It is frequent in most places such as shady banks, damp woods and hedges.


Gorse is an evergreen bush common in Mayo.

Sea Pink

Sea Pink or Thrift is a small evergreen plant common in Mayo in the West of Ireland.


Foxglove is a robust plant locally abundant in Co. Mayo.


Sundew is a small perennial insectivorous herb.


Milkwort is a low-growing, hairless perennial plant

Yellow Flag

Yellow Fag is a popular perennial plant in County Mayo.

Sea Campion

Sea Campion is perennial small plant common in Mayo in the West of Ireland.


Butterwort is a perennial carnivorous plant.


Hawthorn is a small tree or bush with spiny branches.

Narrow-leaved Helleborine

Narrow-leaved Helleborine is an herbaceous perennial plant and it is a rare orchid.


Ling Heather is a popular evergreen plant in Mayo which is found in bogs and mountains.

Herb Robert

Herb Robert is a small bushy plant very common in Mayo.

Heath Spotted Orchid

Heath Spotted Orchid is a native plant of Ireland.

Dillisk or Dulse

Dillisk is a purple translucent seaweed associated with the West coast of Ireland.

Wild Angelica

Angelica is an umbelliferous plant common in Mayo.

Scots Pine

The native Irish Scots Pine can be spotted in Mayo.

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