Biodiversity in County Mayo

Biodiversity or biological diversity is just another term for natural heritage, flora and fauna, wildlife and the living environment and highlights the interdependence and interconnectedness of all living things: people, plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms.

Biodiversity is all around us in Mayo. It is found in the gardens, parks, farmland, peatlands, rivers, lakes and coastlines.

Mayo protects the integrity of the natural environment and takes care for nature and wildlife, making our county a nice place to live , explore and enjoy.

Mayo has designated many sites for nature conservation. Many of these areas are considered very important and they are designated as SAC or SPA.

8 Special Area of Conservation (SAC) are the prime wildlife areas in Ireland that are also considered extremely important in a European context. Special Protection Areas (SPA) are sites important for birds in an Irish and European context. 8

There are many ways to enjoy the huge and rich natural heritage and biodiversity of the county: hill walking, cycling, going for a stroll on the beachesfishinghorse riding and walking in the woods.

8 Nature gives us spiritual, emotional and physical benefits and this improves the quality of our life. 8

Biodiversity is a wonder to enjoy now and to protect for the future generations.

Candidate Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) are:

Sites classified as Special Protection Areas (SPA) are:

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