Flora and Fauna of the Aran Islands

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The best way to visit the Arans is picking a bicycle or a jarvey (an old style pony and trap).

It is possible to reach the main historical attractions and the most beautiful natural views on the islands and discover a coloured range of wild flowers including Arctic, Mediterranean and Alpine plants side-by-side, due to the unusual environment.

The most common flowers are Spring Gentian, Wild Leek, Bloody Crane's bill, Burnet Rose, Common Spotted Orchid, Fuchsia, Harebell, Wild Thyme, Honeysuckle, Sea Campion, Common Heather and many Lichens and Fens.

On the rocky shores, seaweeds are very common. The three main seaweed types are green algae, brown algae and the red algae in deep waters. There are also two edible seaweeds: the traditional carrageen and dillisk, nowadays used as main ingredients in some delicacies.

Butterflies and moths can be spotted on the islands such as Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Brown Hairstreak, Marsh Fritillary and Wood White Leptidea, the Burren Green, Irish Annulet and Transparent Burnet.

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