Connemara, Around Mayo in the West of Ireland

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Connemara, in County Galway, is situated on the West Coast of Ireland and it is one of most iconic Irish destinations, described by Oscar Wilde as a "savage beauty". Its name was originally Conmaicnemara, or "the tribe of Cormac by the sea", given by the ancient Gaelic tribes. It was shortened in the 18th century to Connemara.

This beautiful district stretches from the rugged Twelve Bens mountain range in the north through lake-rich Roundstone Bog to the golden shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is an area with dramatic scenery combining mountains, valleys, lakes, bogs and sea and its countryside is also distinctive for its wildness, quietness and unspoilt nature.

Offshore, there are numerous peninsulas and popular islands such as the Aran Islands and Inis Boffin.

The coastline is dotted with thousands of wild bays and inlets while the land, between bogs and rocks, is dotted with small green oases, where scattered houses and clusters formed what in Connemara are known as villages and town-lands.

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