Inagh Valley in Connemara

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Inagh Valley is one of the most scenic valleys in Connemara. It is a romantic valley which offers breathtaking views of peatlands, mountains, lakes and glorious countryside where sheep graze freely.

The beautiful Lough Inagh lies in the valley. The massive quartz range of the Twelve Ben Mountains, framing the northern end of the lake, dominates the wonderful vista across the water of the Lough.

In the centre of the lake, there is a little island called Mans Island, where a lake dwelling was built for strategic reasons to control all traffic up and down the lough.

The northern area at the end of the lake is a remarkable archaeologic site. The Bronze Age Monument, known as the Stone Row, has three sets of two stones and a small ritual pool. This monument is supposed to be a marking out point on the south-western horizon, where the sun dips on the shortest day.

The valley is also rich in folklore, and it is said to be home to fairies and goblins.

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