Clifden in Connemara

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Clifden, the 'capital of Connemara' founded by John D'Arcy (1785-1839), is one of the last towns built in Ireland. The town is situated on a superb site overlooking the Atlantic with easy access to a sheltered and scenic harbour.

Entering the town from the South, there are two fine bridges with a beautiful waterfall between them; the larger one, leading to Dooneen and built in 1819, is famous because some scenes of The Quiet Man were filmed there.

Clifden Castle was built by the D'Arcy family on a truly wonderful setting not too far from town and overlooking Clifden Bay. The castle has a beautiful entrance arch and gothic walls. Now it is a picturesque ruin but still preserves its dramatic impact. In a very small valley around the castle, a fine Gothic folly with waterfall was built.

Clifden is also known throughout the world because in October 1907 a defining event in world communication took place when the first commercial transatlantic message was transmitted from Marconi's wireless telegraphy station in town to Glace Bay, Newfoundland, Canada. The station was burned down during the Civil War in 1922; the ruins are still visible today.

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