Rosses Point in Sligo on the North East border of Co. Mayo

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Just 8km north of Sligo town is the very quaint seafaring village of Rosses Point. The village is set against the backdrop of the spectacular Dartry Mountain range and the beautiful Sligo Bay.

At the end of Rosses Point the bronze sculpture “Waiting on Shore” is located.

This touching sculpture reproduces a girl with her arms stretched out of the sea and reminds the old tradition of people waiting for their loved ones to return from the sea on the shore.

Nearby are the ruins of Elsinore House, where the poet William Butler Yeats and his brother, the artist Jack Butler Yeats, spent their summer holidays.

Rosses Point gave them inspiration for their poetry and painting.

Located in the narrow waters between the mainland and Oyster Island off Rosses Point is the Metal Man Lighthouse, erected in 1821.

The Metal Man is a sailor with an arm outstretched pointing to the safer waters and warning ships away from the rocks.

At Rosses Point, there are also two magnificent Blue Flag sandy beaches with breathtaking views of Knocknara hill and Benbulben.

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