D-Day 80th Anniversary at Blacksod 

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June 2024

The Community of Blacksod on the Mullet Peninsula will commemorate the 80th Anniversary of D-Day on Thursday, 6th June.

Blacksod lighthouse played an essential role at the end of World War II as a weather station supplying Britain with meteorological reports under an agreement dating back to the 1921 Treaty.

On June 3, 1944, the lighthouse keeper Ted Sweeney and his wife Maureen delivered a weather forecast that unwittingly changed the course of the war.

On that day, they phoned that there was a warning: a Force 6 wind and a rapidly falling barometer at his weather station.

D-Day was scheduled for June 5, but the landing was delayed by one day because of the meteorological report.

On June 4, a new report delivered from Blacksod lighthouse indicated the weather was clearing, which decided the eventual go-ahead for the landing on June 6 in Normandy. That is the date we all remember: D-Day.

Maureen's grandson, Fergus Sweeney, has organised a day-long programme of events to honour this significant contribution.

The event will start with a dawn remembrance ceremony, engaging exhibits, guest speakers, musical entertainment, and a special aircraft flyover.

Posted on Wed, 29 May 2024 10:58:36

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