History, Balla in Co. Mayo

The town of Balla holds an important place in the history of the county and tradition has it that St Patrick himself rested in Balla. There also existed in the 5th Century the "Tochar Phadraig" which marked the route travelled by St Patrick from Croagh Patrick and which travels through places such as Ballintubber and Mayo Abbey.

Today the "Tochar Phadraig" route has been revived and communities along this route are providing facilities which will help visitors explore this beautiful part of County Mayo. St Patrick's name is associated with the holy well near the round tower and there are a number of other holy well's in thearea.

In early times the village was known as 'Ros Dairbhreach', translating as 'The Height of the Oak Wood'. The continuing importance of the oak to the community is reflected in the evocatively named 'Dawn Oak 2000' project. At the beginning of this new millenium, 2000 oak trees were planted, creating a new wood in Balla's magnificent town park. More historical articles on Balla:

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