Old Churches, Bohola in Co. Mayo

On many old maps there is a record of a church sited at the rear of the graveyard in the Churchpark, but apart from this there are no records available of when the church was in existence.

Hubert Knox recorded that a church existed in Bohola in 1306 and another church was also recorded in 1585. However there is no mention as to where exactly these churches were situated.

The church at Carracastle is recorded by Knox as having existed in 1585. The only evidence is a gable wall standing next to a large ring fort.

A Mass Rock marks the entrance to Carragolda Church. It is situated high up on a hill overlooking the graveyard. There is no record when this church was built but the ruins are still recognisable.

In Toocananagh was a thatched church, the site for the which was donated rent-free by Thomas Fair, the landlord of Toocananagh.

This church caught fire in 1839 and the thatch was totally destroyed. After re-roofing the building it was decided to build a new church in 1858.

The old building was used for meetings and according to local tradition Fanny Parnell held meetings of the local branch of the Land League there.

by Susannah Sweeney

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