O'Donovan's Ordnance Survey 1838, Charlestown in Co. Mayo

John O'Donovan (1806 – 1861) was one of Ireland's greatest Gaelic scholars, historians and genealogists. He was recruited to the Topographical Department of the first Ordnance Survey of Ireland in October 1830.

In 1838, John O'Donovan was commissioned to list the place names of Ireland. For each place name, he listed variations of its name, its Gaelic form, its translation, its situation, and a brief description. The enormous amount of knowledge collected by John O'Donovan in the Irish countryside is still frequently relied upon for research purposes.

Parish of Kilbeagh

This Survey of Kilbeagh Parish, Barony of Costello, is also referred to as The Field Name Book. References were also taken by John O’Donovan from the following Surveys: Turlough O’Connor, Strafford’s Survey "Inquisition", 1625 to 1635, and Down's Survey maps. There is a general description of the type of soil, acreage, bog and water content. The old Irish Name, translation to the English language, and present name is also given.

Cill Beithe Church of the Birch, Kilbeagh; name of main town, Charlestown

This parish is situated in the Barony of Costello, in the east of the County of Mayo, bordering on the County of Sligo. It is bounded on the north by County Sligo, and the Parish of Kilturra; east by County Sligo, south east by Kilcolman Parish, south by Castlemore and Kilmovee parishes, west by Kilconduff and north west by Killasser.

It contains 33,824 acres, 3 roods, 22 perches statute measure, including 95 acres, 1 rood and 37 perches of water, with large tracts of bog and mountain. It is in the diocese of Achonry and the tithes amount to £170.10s.8d, of which half is paid to the Vicar and half to Lord Dillon, in whom the Rectory is impropriate.

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