Doohoma in Co. Mayo

Doohoma is a village situated approximately fifteen miles south-west of Bangor Erris, overlooking Achill Island to the south. The Doohoma Peninsula is almost an island, being connected to the mainland of Erris only by a narrow isthmus at Geesala. Originally known in Old Irish as Dumhaigh Thuama, the 'sounding sandy banks', then in Gaelic Du Thuama, it has now been anglicised as Doohoma.

In an area noted for it's outstanding natural beauty, Doohoma is particularly impressive, with an extensive panorama of sea, sky and mountain surrounding every side. To the south, Achill Island lies approximately two miles across Tallaghan Bay, with Sliabh Mór and the towering cliffs of Achill Head dominating.

To the west of Doohoma Head, the islands of the Iniskeas and Duvillan, amongst many others, can be clearly seen. These are noted for their rich archeological and spiritual histories, and can be accessed by arrangement with local boat owners.

Fishing has a long and proud tradition in Doohoma, and this is continued today by a number of boats who engage in net-fishing for wild Atlantic Salmon. These are processed by Eagle Isle Seafoods, a smoked salmon plant in the village, which exports extensively to Europe and America.

Lobster, crab, and mackerel fishing also takes place at Doohoma Head and the surrounding waters.

Doohoma is also noted for it's beautiful beach, which is never crowded or polluted, due to its isolation. It is ideal for swimming, as well as such sports as surfing and sailing. See Geesala Doohoma Visitor's Guide for more information.

The town-land received nation-wide renown, both in the seventies and more recently, with the screening of the RTE documentary 'Doohoma'. This dealt with the theme of emigration to England and the effect on local families. In recent years, however, a number of first and second-generation natives have returned to take advantage of the improving economic climate.

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