Fr Patrick F. Malone

Missionary - Film maker - Poet

Patrick F. Malone was born in Arderry, Aughagower. At the age of twenty he emigrated to America and was drafted in to the U.S. Army during the first World War.

He resumed his studies in Maryknoll Seminary in New York in 1918. He was ordained in 1925 after which he worked as a missionary in China for over twenty years.

He narrowly escaped death on a number of occasions and on one such occasion he had to dress up as an old woman to get past the soldiers.

He returned to Ireland in 1947 and it was then that his talent as an amateur film - maker, became recognised. Some of his films included:

The Tear and Smile of China, The Life of Our Lord (filmed in the Holy Land) Lovely Ireland His films were shown in Killawalla during the 1960s. He was related to the Malone/Gavin household and often visited them there.

Fr. Patrick F. Malone was also well recognised for his talent as a poet. Some of his work was published in magazines, newspapers and journals.

He lived at Rosbeg in Westport for many years and also at Clonbur where he died of a heart attack on the 26th of March 1979, aged 84 years.

His remains were buried in Aughagower Cemetery inside the ruined walls of the old Church.

Friends you used to know

When trees are sighing outside, and leaves come down to find A cover in some corner from the cold November wind When you're sitting by the fireside and musing in the glow Ah - remember, don't forget them - the friends you used to know.

It is again November and souls are waiting there Yes, waiting for your coming with a needy little prayer And you promised - Yes you promised In the country and the town That you would at least remember when the leaves are coming down.

It may have been some dear one who since has left our mind Or one who thought a lot of you, for you too, were so kind Ah yes, now maybe someone - someone for whom you'd care When meeting, say on Saturday, or the Market day or Fair

You loved them in their lifetime, poor Tom and Kate and May How much you said you missed them, when God took them away But now it is November, and they're wondering are you there Wondering if you're coming with that promised little prayer.

Do come to them, acushla, they're our own - a pity, and I wish I'd time to tell you how they need a helping hand And now I must be going - but again, before I go Ah Hail Marys for a friend you used to know.

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